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Twizzers 0043
Tweezers For Holding Captek Copings During Repairs
Capcon 0046
Mixing Dish for Applying Captek Powders
Brush 0049
Small Brush for Applying Captek Liquids and Materials
Weight 0053
Swedger Kit for Re-adapting fired Captek Copings
Lowcalibration 9830
Calibration Kits, High and Low Sold Separately
Ucp adhestive 9851
Adhesive Applied to Captek Copings
Adaptinginstrument 9819
Instrument for Adapting and Shaping Wax Material
P adhestive 9854
P Adhesive Orange for Adhering Material
Inflow 9837
Inflow Powder and Liquid Sold Separately
Captek nano bi 9809
Captek Nano Bridge & Implant Material Sold Individually or in Kits
Captek nano universal 9805
Captek Nano Universal Material Sold Individually or in Kits
Ucp 9845
Powder for Bonding Porcelain or Composite Resin
Blade 9862
Surgical Blades Sold Individually
Millburr 2682
Burs for Finishing Margins
Img 8333 capsil doublebtl web
Capsil Quick Set for Duplicating Master Dies
Img 0327 rv1 web
Refractory Die Investment Powder and Liquid Sold Separately
Ucp adhestive 9851
UCP Adhesive Kit for Bonding Porcelain to Metal
Buildup 9849
Powder for Porcelain Support
Fastdryliquid 9856
Fast Dry Condensing Liquid
Captekflask 9815
Flasks for Duplicating Master Dies
Dead Blow Hammer Used with Swedger
Interconnect 9833
Powder for Soldering Cast Bridge Connectors and Porcelain Support Build-Ups
Pcone rubber 9823
Blue Rubber P Cone Inserts
Pontiaccover 9841
Pontic Cover Powder for Gold Coating Cast Metal Pontics
Porcleinsupport 9847
Powder for Building Up Completed Copings
Slowdryliquid 9858
Slow Dry Liquid for Suspending Particles
Clay 9821
Clay for Swedger