ArgenIS Bridges for non-engaging multi-unit abutment cases
Screw Retained Bridge
ArgenIS Zirconia Hybrid Custom Abutment
ArgenIS Angled Zirconia Abutment
High Strength Zirconia for Posterior Restorations
Super Translucent Multilayer Zirconia for Full Contour and Frames
High Translucent+ Pre-shaded Zirconia
High Translucent + Multilayer Preshaded Zirconia
High Translucent+ Dipped Zirconia
High Translucency Zirconia for Full Contour and Frames
Super Translucency Full Contour Zirconia
Super Translucent Multilayer Zirconia Disc
High Translucent+ Zirconia with More Translucency and Increased Strength for Full Contour and Frames
High Translucent+ Multilayer Preshaded Zirconia Disc
Zirconia Demo Set
High Strength Zirconia Disc for Frameworks
Tissue Shade Liquid
Complete Set for Super Translucent Shading
Super Translucent Shading Liquid
Zirconia Demo Set
Pontic Reducer liquid for reducing shade intensity
Incisal Effect Liquid for creating incisal shades
Complete Set for High Translucent Shading
High Translucent Shading Liquid
Color Modifer Liquid
Super Translucent Full Contour Zirconia Disc