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High Translucent+ Multilayer Preshaded Zirconia Disc
Super Translucent Multilayer Zirconia Disc
High Translucent+ Zirconia with More Translucency and Increased Strength for Full Contour and Frames
Super Translucent Full Contour Zirconia Disc
High Strength Zirconia Disc for Frameworks
Multi-Unit abutment
Lab Analog
ArgenIS Titanium Base and Final Screw for Angled Screw Channel Hybrid Abutments
NT Trading Digital Implant Model (DIM) Analog
ArgenIS 2-CONnect Multi-Unit Abutment Screw
ArgenIS Digital Implant Model (DIM) Analog
NT Trading Lab Analog replicates anatomy of the implant
The NT Trading 2-CONnect Nonengaging Abutment bases are used to fabricate implant-level, custom restorations.
NT Trading 2-CONnect for Non-Engaging Multi-unit Abutment
The NT Trading Nonengaging Abutment Cap is a titanium insert that is universal for all 2-CONnect abutments.
NT Trading Titanium Base and Screw Set for implant supported individual hybrid abutments
Finishing Tools
Decontaminator for Sintering Furnace
Opaque Dentine
Lathe Wheel
Multilayered PMMA Disc
Monochromatic Pre-shaded PMMA Disc
Casting Crucible
Replacement Shields for Face Shield Kit
Protective Face Shield Kit
Transfer Post
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