ArgenIS Gen 1 Scan Body Series Kit

About The Product

The Argen® IS Gen 1 Scan Body Kit is available in 15 series to fit your lab's implant needs. Each series is compatible with a leading implant system and contains all scan body sizes associated with that particular system. ArgenIS 3D Scan Bodies are for laboratory and intraoral use to indicate exact implant positioning for model and oral scanning. 

  • For Lab and Intraoral Scanning 
  • Select from 15 Available Series 
  • Compatible with Leading Implant Systems
  • SEV, CAM, NEO, HIO series only available to 3Shape customers and require New ArgenIS Library
  • E-Series (Nobel Replace) 6.0 size only available for hybrid abutments
  • N-Series (Synocta) 3.5NN size only available for hybrid abutments

Limited Availability Details: If you are not able to find an NT Trading part that you previously purchased through Argen, that is because that item is no longer available. NT Trading is no longer supplying Implant Parts for future orders. Argen offers an alternate option for many of these items. Please review ArgenIS Scan Body Kit Page for a listing of these products. We are working to offer alternates for all NT Trading parts soon. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

If you have any questions please contact our support Team at 1-800-255-5524 or