Now is the time to send Argen your refining scrap.

End Q4 and 2021 with additional cash from Argen Refining.  Four simple steps make it quick and easy to maximize the return on your laboratory scrap.

ArgenIS Zirconia Hybrid Abutment

About The Product

Argen®IS Zirconia Hybrid Custom Abutments are topped with ArgenZ™ Zirconia. Compatible with leading implant systems and milled on a 5-Axis Precision mill for the highest quality units, no finishing or polishing is required. With a fast 2-day turnaround time, ArgenIS Zirconia Hybrid Custom Abutments are available in frame for Screw Retained Full Contour with the final screw and optional gold shades base. 

  • Finished with ArgenZ Esthetic Zirconia
  • Milled with a 5-Axis Precision mill
  • Titanium base arrives separately from zirconia top
  • Available in ArgenZ™ HT+, Esthetic, and Ultra material
  • All files must be submitted by 12:00 p.m. PST (3:00 p.m. EST)
  • 2 Day Turnaround 

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