ArgenZ HT Liquid Shade Complete Set

About The Product

ArgenZ™ HT Liquid Shade Complete Set includes the full range of ArgenZ HT shading liquids, ArgenZ Incisal Effect liquids, and ArgenZ Pontic Reducer. This high translucent shading liquid is formulated specifically for ArgenZ HT+ discs. It can also be diluted to work with ArgenZ Esthetic discs. ArgenZ Incisal Effect Liquids and ArgenZ Pontic Reducer are compatible with all ArgenZ discs.

  • ArgenZ HT Liquid Shade: 16 VITA Classical Shades in 100ml bottles
  • Incisal Effect Liquid: 3 intensities in 30ml bottles
  • ArgenZ Pontic Reducer: 1 formulation in a 30ml bottle, shade will lighten with additional coats