September 15, 2023

What's New at Argen - September 2023

The Argen Corporation

ArgenIS Milled Bars 

ArgenIS Milled Cobalt-Chrome and Titanium Bars are for use in both fixed and removable cases at the abutment level. These bars are milled from Grade 23 titanium and Argen CoCr 255 with an industrial precision 5-axis milling machine. Cobalt-chrome and titanium bars are compatible with most multi-units. Hader, Dolder, Attachment, Thimble, Montreal, and Wraparound bars are available.

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ArgenZ High Definition Zirconia 

Receive extraordinary detail in your zirconia cases without spending hours at the bench. ArgenZ High Definition Zirconia is milled with a 90° and 0.3 mm milling strategy for a higher definition of the interproximal area, greater separation of teeth, and enhanced detail in gingival features across the full arch. Receive in green state or sintered, ready for gingiva pink, stain, and glaze. Available in all shades of ArgenZ HT+ Multilayer and HT+ Pre-Shaded zirconia.

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Argen MODEL 4kg Bottle 

Argen is pleased to announce that we will be offering Argen MODEL in 4kg bottles in beige and grey. Argen MODEL is a strong new model material that is ideal for fast printing of dental and orthodontic models. Argen MODEL has been designed to reproduce smooth, flawless details with increased printing speed and has an integrated thermoforming release agent, which makes it ideal for orthodontic models.

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