June 08, 2023

What's NEW Argen Equipment: 3Shape F8 scanner, vhf E5 mill, Asiga 3D printers, Medit T-series scanner, and exocad DentalCAD Software

The Argen Corporation

Choosing who to buy your equipment from is just as important as choosing what to buy. Argen is your primary trainer, award-winning support network, and resource throughout the life of your equipment. Introducing the new equipment and software from Argen: 3Shape F8 scanner, vhf E5 mill, Asiga 3D printers, Medit T-series scanner, and exocad DentalCAD Software.

3Shape F8 Scanner

Gaining the power of dual model scanning with 3Shape’s newest desktop scanner, the F8 is in a class of its own. It is equipped with an intuitive magnetic place-and-scan design, auto-start, in-software, and visual lights guidance, for improved user experience.

  • Camera: 4x5 MP
  • Accuracy: 4 μm
  • Scan speed:
    • Dual arch scanning
    • 90 sec (full arch)
    • 45 sec (full arch impression)
  • Texture: Color
  • Scanning strategy: Die-in-mode


vhf E5 Mill

The E5 requires no compressed air; therefore, you have maximum freedom in the choice of the installation site, and you also benefit from minimal operating costs. The open system architecture of the E5 makes your entry into the digital production of dental restorations quick and easy, and it fits perfectly into your workflows. The integrated CAM software enables you to get started right away! Plug & Mill: Unpack, connect, and start milling!

  • Materials: Zirconia, wax, PMMA, composites, CoCr sintered metals
  • House adaptors: 1
  • Housed burs: 16 + 1 airtool
  • Spindle motor: High frequency (400 watts)
  • Spindle speed: 60,000 rpm


Asiga MAX UV Printer

The Asiga MAX is an advanced digital dental 3D printer offering exceptional productivity in a small footprint. With 62µm HD print precision, the Asiga MAX is optimized for orthodontics, crown & bridge, surgical guides, dental models, custom trays, and partial dentures in lab and clinical environments. All Asiga printers are open to materials from any supplier for maximum flexibility and economy.

  • Lifetime technical support guarantee
  • Wifi connectivity
  • Automated support generation
  • Touchscreen interface
  • Proven manufacturing reliability


Asiga Pro 4K Printer

The PRO 4K combines the latest 4K imaging technology with Asiga’s well-proven Smart Positioning System (SPS™) to produce a build volume 3x larger than our desktop 3D printers. Precision, reliability, speed, and an Open Material System all come as standard to provide production continuity for the most demanding digital manufacturing environments.

The PRO 4K incorporates pixel-shifting technology to increase part accuracy and surface definition without affecting printing time. 4K mode is a standard feature on every PRO 4K. Native pixel mode is also available for scientific applications requiring deterministic pixel behavior.

Medit T710 Scanner

The Medit T-Series has revolutionized data precision with state-of-the-art software, high-resolution cameras, and blue-light scanning technology, giving you high-quality scan data which is clean, sharp, and with intricate details. The T710, with its new four 5.0MP-resolution cameras system, ensures your models and impressions are fully scanned, eliminating all blind spots. The Medit T-Series will save you precious time and money by minimizing the need for restoration adjustments.

  • Camera: 4x5 MP
  • Accuracy: 4 μm
  • Scan speed:
    • 8 sec (7 cut)
    • 45 sec full arch
  • Texture: Color
  • Scanning strategy: Phase-shifting optical triangulation


Medit T510 Scanner

The advanced, high-speed positioning system of the new T-Series are designed for optimal performance for your laboratory, speeding up your workflow and increasing productivity. Medit T510 desktop scanner is equipped with a fast scan engine and highly efficient software algorithm, which work in tandem to produce a full-arch scan in just 12 seconds.

  • Camera: 4x5 MP
  • Accuracy: 7 μm
  • Scan speed: 12 sec (7 cut)
  • Texture: Color
  • Scanning strategy: Phase-shifting optical triangulation


Medit T310 Scanner

Scan more objects at the same time thanks to the wider scan area of our T-Series tabletop scanners. Capture vivid color texture scans, including hand-marked margins or handwritten notes. Medit T310desktop scanner is equipped with an auto elevation for a more accurate an easier scanning position.

  • Camera: 4x5 MP
  • Accuracy: 9 μm
  • Scan speed: 18 sec (7 cut)
  • Texture: Color
  • Scanning strategy: Phase-shifting optical triangulation


exocad DentalCAD Software

Unleash your creativity and efficiency with Exocad software. Known for its speed, user-friendly interface, and ability to handle complex cases effortlessly, Exocad enables you to design:

  • Bars
  • Models
  • Night guards
  • Partial dentures
  • Full dentures
  • And much more!