September 14, 2022

New Products at Argen

The Argen Corporation

ArgenMill Cobalt-Chrome

Argen is now milling cobalt–chrome. ArgenMill Cobalt-Chrome is highly accurate with a premium 5-axis milling process and requires little to no finishing. Files can be submitted for screw-retained bridges, crowns, and bridges (up to 14 units). Manufactured from Argen CoCr 275 with a fast 2-day turnaround. 

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Argen Resins

Argen is pleased to announce its newest product, Argen Resins. Argen MODEL is available in beige and light grey, Argen FLEX is a clear resin used to print nightguards, mouthguards, snoring appliances, splints, and repositioners, Argen GUIDE is transparent for surgical guides, and Argen TRAY is purple for custom impression trays. Argen Resins are validated for most 3D printers and come in a 1 kg size bottle with a three-year shelf life.

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Ackuretta SOL 3D Printer

Argen is also pleased to announce the Ackuretta SOL LCD 3D Printer, the first in a lineup of 3D printers Argen intends to offer. This small footprint 3D printer is a perfect entry-level printer and includes a UV curing unit, dual-tank ultrasonic cleaning unit, and two-year warranty. Argen MODEL, SPLINT, FLEX and GUIDE resins are validated on the SOL. 

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KDF Zircom Furnace

Argen now offers Zircom Speed and Zircom Plus sintering furnaces. They are compact, user-friendly sintering furnaces used for a variety of types of zirconia. These furnaces feature a molybdenum disilicide heater that provides clean, reliable, and consistent results. A full tray of ArgenZ HT+ or ArgenZ HT+ Multilayer units can be sintered in less than 90 minutes on the Zircom Speed furnace without sacrificing strength and translucency values.

  • 100 programs with 20 steps for a wide range of zirconia
  • SD Card that allows users to edit and back-up firing programs on a PC
  • Zircom Speed is high-speed 80-minute sintering capable

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