October 24, 2023

Argen Support Network

The Argen Corporation

Our commitment extends well beyond your first purchase. With a dedicated team of over 40 support representatives, we are here to meet your current needs and help pave the way for your ongoing success. Selecting a manufacturing partner and reseller you can trust is crucial, and we're here to be that reliable choice for you.

Argen’s Support Network is composed of the following teams:

  • Customer Success Team
  • Technical Support Team
  • Equipment Support Team

Each support team has an incredible wealth of knowledge in their unique areas. Our teams are equipped to support and provide detailed information about any issues that our customers are experiencing.

Customer Success:

Our Customer Success Team is here to support your lab by answering all of your questions. Whether you need assistance ordering, would like information about our products, or need help setting up your account, Argen’s Customer Success Team is here to help.

Meet Faith Bristow, a standout Customer Success Manager at Argen, who embodies the excellence of our team. Watch the video below to witness the positive impact she and the rest of the team bring to Argen customers every day.

Technical Support:

Argen’s Technical Support Team helps get your digital and analog product questions answered. Our Technical Support Team is here to lessen your learning curve and advise you on best practices as you use our products.

Meet Tom Rostron, a standout Senior Technical Support Specialist at Argen, who assists customers with a wide variety of product-related questions. Watch the video below to get a glimpse of the positive impact that Tom and the rest of the team make for Argen customers on a daily basis.

Equipment Support:

Argen’s Equipment Support Team helps ensure that your equipment is running smoothly for the long-run. Labs are dependent on scanners, mills, printers, and furnaces, and when a problem arises, it pays to have a dedicated team of equipment support specialists to help get them back online as fast as possible.

Click here to learn more about Argen's Equipment Support Program.

Miguel Fregoso, Equipment Technical Support Specialist at Argen, is just one of our amazing equipment support team members. Click on the video below to see how he impacts Argen customers on a daily basis.