July 24, 2023

Tips and Tricks for Designing SLM RPD Frames

Karl Jensen, JDT Magazine

Karl Jensen's, Digital & Technical Support Manager at Skillbond Direct, expertise in designing a functional, fitting SLM RPD using 3Shape Software, and his insights were featured in JDT Magazine, a publication by the National Association of Dental Laboratories. In his recent article, Jensen offers valuable guidance throughout the entire SLM RPD design process, emphasizing the need for careful attention to detail at every stage. From selecting the right material and importing DME files to digitally preparing the model and using specialized tools for artifact removal, Jensen's tips ensure a watertight and precise foundation.

The article covers essential aspects such as surveying and block-out techniques to determine the optimal path of insertion and manage undercuts effectively. Jensen's insights extend to manipulating retention grids, major connectors, and clasps, ensuring they meet necessary thickness and width requirements. His attention to detail includes intersection techniques for proper meshing and incorporating patient names or logos using SLM manufacturing advantages. Read more to benefit from Jensen's expertise to create superior SLM RPD designs, achieving functional and well-fitting results with 3Shape Software.

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