October 10, 2022

ArgenMill Gold Wins 2022 JDT Wow! Award

JDT Magazine October 2022

Thank you for helping Argen win a JDT Wow! Award for the ninth year in a row!  We are committed to making our customers' lab life easier, and that is why we are so proud to be recognized again by the esteemed JDT panel of judges. ArgenMill Gold has been selected as a product that WOWs! the dental industry.

ArgenMill Milled Gold crowns and bridges are a digitally fabricated, precious metal restoration that is an accurate representation of the submitted file. The benefits of milled gold crowns are a better fit, improved consistency and accuracy over casting, increased productivity, and competitive pricing. Argen provides ArgenMill Au58, ArgenMill Au2, and ArgenMill Au40Y. ArgenMill Au58 is a High Noble, full cast alloy with a rich yellow color that offers outstanding biocompatibility. ArgenMill Au2 and ArgenMill Au40Y are economical, Noble, full cast alloys with a warm yellow color and ideal for multipurpose applications.

In what ways does it save time and money?

ArgenMill Milled Gold crowns save the laboratory time and money. When outsourcing to Argen, there is no need to hold gold inventory and the fabrication does not require the use of more material than is needed for the restoration. This means the laboratory is purchasing only the quantity of alloy that will be sold to the dentist. Additionally, the laboratory does not need the labor or ancillary products to do the investing, waxing, or casting of traditional methods. The design of the milled metal crown follows the same digital workflow as other restoration materials, thus simplifying the workflow for the laboratory.

How is quality and efficiency improved?

Quality is improved by using ArgenMill Milled gold crowns because the gold alloy blank needs to be porosity free in order to be used as a milling blank. A typical casting may not be 100% dense. Efficiency is improved because the milling operation is very exact and duplicates the STL files to within microns, virtually eliminating remakes. Additionally, polishing operations are performed in the mill so that the restoration requires only a few minutes of attention before being delivered to the dentist.

What WOW factor differentiates this product/service in the dental lab world?

]Accuracy, density, shade, efficiency, and workflow all differentiate ArgenMill Milled Gold crowns in our industry. Argen is a one-stop shop. Gold crowns, e.max, zirconia, and PMMA all share the same workflow. The dental laboratory is able to offer dentists traditional restorations in a modern digital workflow with a short turnaround time.


Feature published in Journal of Dental Technology, October 2022