January 20, 2021

IDT Why I Invested: BJ Kowalski, President of ROE Dental Laboratory, on ArgenZ Zirconia

BJ Kowalski, President of ROE Dental Laboratory, Independence, Ohio

ROE Dental Laboratory is a full-service modern laboratory who has partnered with the dental community since 1926. ROE prides itself by leading dental technology through CAD/CAM investment and highly skilled staff, and has fully integrated all areas of production in a digital process. Most fixed restorations are created with zirconia. Using Argen’s zirconia allows ROE to provide top quality, functional, and aesthetic restorations indistinguishable from natural dentition. We are pleased to have Argen as a partner.

Why do you choose ArgenZ Zirconia for your laboratory?
We have selected Argen for much of our zirconia needs for their fantastic variety of materials, from strong 1400 Mpa bridge material to 50% translucent anterior zirconia, Argen has the product mix for every application.

How do you choose between the various ArgenZ Zirconia for your restoration?
Each patient has unique needs - we use a combination of Argen’s products and choose the most aesthetic option with the appropriate strength for the application.

What makes ArgenZ Zirconia unique?
You can get quality materials from numerous providers. I believe Argen’s service and support separates them in the market place.

Fig 1. ArgenZ HT+ is a great choice for restorations in the anterior that require translucency and vitality.

Fig 2. Single-unit posterior restorations are where zirconia got its start and has become the most popular material choice for this application in the US.

Fig 3. ArgenZ Ultra is a fantastic choice for the strength needed for full-arch implant restorations that will stand the tests of time and mastication.

Article originally published in IDT Magazine: November 2020