November 10, 2020

IDT Peer Review: ArgenZ HT+ Mutlilayer

Jack Marrano, CDT, Director, Signature Prosthetic Division, Absolute Dental Service, Durham, NC

Over the past decade, we have seen incredible advancements in CAD/CAM technology. However, restorative materials have been slow to catch up - until now. Argen has recently developed a higher-strength, multilayer zirconia material to enable technicians to capitalize on digital design. Today's innovative CAD technologies, in combination with advanced milling equipment and material options, offer the progressive dental laboratory a huge competitive edge. With the ever-increasing popularity of all-on-X hybrid restorations, the demand is great for a zirconia that can meet the esthetic and strength demands of discerning technicians and clinicians. By using ArgenZ HT+ Multilayer zirconia, laboratories can now utilize CAD technology to its fullest capability.

Advancements in esthetics had been limited to lower-strength zirconias that, while very capable and esthetic, could only be used for singles and 3-unit bridges. ArgenZ HT+ Multilayer is unlike any other zirconia on the market. It exhibits a high strength of 1,250 MPa and is indicated for use from singles to posterior bridges, including all-on-X hybrid implant restorations. The high strength is carried throughout the layers of the material to avoid areas of weakness while keeping its classification as a monolithic 4Y all the way through. This is especially important when fabricating all-on-X implant-supported hybrids. By utilizing ArgenZ HT+ Multilayer, technicians can produce extremely natural and lifelike esthetics that need less post-processing and handling than before, all while maintaining the ultimate strength and esthetics. The incisal edge translucency has been maximized. This material also displays true gradient with zero demarcation lines due to Argen's proprietary blending process. This natural gradient within the disc produces results similar to simple hand-built ceramic techniques.

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