You could earn2-5x More Moneyfor your scrap with Argen Refining
than with walk-in cash offers

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I want to take this opportunity to thank Argen for the excellent, efficient and professional manner in which our gold scraps return was handled. I cannot believe my return. It was 50% greater than the previous years when we had not sent our refining to Argen. I cannot begin to speculate what I could have saved. We look forward to many years of doing business with Argen.

Lonnie Frangetakis President, California Dental Arts LLC, Cupertino, CA

Previous to using Argen for my refining, I researched over 10 different companies, and found that I received the best return from The Argen Corporation. I would highly recommend using Argen for refining your precious metals.

David C. Pickett, DDS

I was skeptical to use a new scrap refining company but my sales rep was reassuring, so I sent my materials to Argen. I was becoming nervous when I got the call, "This is Argen Refining, we've processed your metal and you will receive a check for $3,780." I was expecting between $500-$600. Thank you Argen!

David A. Meloni, DDS

I had used other scrap refining services for years until I recently sent my scrap to Argen. I was pleasantly surprised with the results. The most I had previously received back on a refine was $400. With Argen I received $2,400!

Dr. Theo Pappas, Enfield, CT

I expected to get $800 for my scrap material, but Argen gave me over $10,000! I’ll never take cash on the spot again. With Argen’s scientific and innovative approach to refining, you truly receive the most for your material.

Dr. Bill Fan, DDS
Today's Metal Fixes, July 18, 2024

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