July 01, 2022

Anton was Named One of the Most Influential People in Dentistry by Incisal Edge

The Argen Corporation, Incisal Edge

We are excited to announce that Anton Woolf, CEO of The Argen Corporation, and The Argen Corporation were named one of the 32 Most Influential People in Dentistry by Incisal Edge. Incisal Edge picks its candidates based on financial influence, medical and clinical influence, and social media influence. 

Argen was selected because of its unprecedented growth in the company and growth to family-operated dental lab partners during the pandemic. Many of Argen's lab customers looked to Argen to provide support for their digital manufacturing resources. 

Anton's "Thrive in Five" strategic plan also put him and the company on the charts as one the most influential people in dentistry. This plan was designed to quadruple Argen's valuation through employees, expanding facilities, and investing in dental technology.

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