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ArgenZ ST Multilayer

ArgenZ ST Multilayer presents the most accurate match to 16 VITA Classical Shades. Seven blended layers and seamless shade transition means no layer lines. Just glaze and go!

  • Translucency: 50%
  • Strength: 850 MPa
  • Five disc sizes: 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 22mm
  • 16 VITA Classical Shades

ArgenZ Anterior

ArgenZ Anterior Super Translucent Zirconia discs are an exciting alternative to lithium disilicate offering the highest translucency with optimum strength most closely mimicking the natural dentin of the tooth.

  • Translucency: 50%
  • Strength: 765 MPa
  • Three disc sizes; seven thicknesses
  • Six value based shades
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ArgenZ HT+

ArgenZ High Translucent Plus Zirconia is the next generation HT zirconia. This advanced material features 4-5% more translucency and 150 MPa increased strength over traditional HT zirconia. Sinter ArgenZ Anterior and HT+ together at 1500C for easier processing and the ultimate productivity.

  • Translucency: 45%
  • Strength: 1260 MPa
  • Available in white, shaded available in April
  • Three disc sizes; nine thicknesses
  • Made in the USA
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ArgenZ Esthetic

ArgenZ Esthetic Zirconia discs offer high translucency and 100% stain absorption for beautiful esthetics.

  • Translucency: 40%
  • Strength: 1100 MPa
  • 16 VITA Classical Shades, white and bleach
  • Optional seven disc consolidated value system
  • Three disc sizes; eight thicknesses
  • Made in the USA
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ArgenZ Ultra

ArgenZ Ultra Zirconia disc's high strength and opaque properties make it a perfect solution over implants and for posterior restorations.

  • Translucency: 0%
  • Strength: 1400 MPa
  • Available in white
  • Two disc sizes; eight thicknesses
  • Made in the USA
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