Hpz240 workstation twr win10
Personal Computer - HP Z230 Workstation TWR Windows 8
Hp 800 g2 sff win 10
Personal Computer - HP 800 G1 SFF Windows 8Pro
E1 2016
3D Scanner with or without Dental System
E2 2016
3D Scanner with Dental System Premium or Crown & Bridge
E3 2016
3D Scanner with Dental System Premium or Crown & Bridge
3shape crown and bridge
CAD software for designing crowns and bridges.
D1000 closed use
3D Scanner with Dental System Premium
D2000 open use
3D Scanner with Dental System Premium
3shape software package
CAD software for dental restorations including Dental Manager.
Abutment designer use1
Software for Designing Abutments & Screw-Retained Crowns
Implant Bar and Bridge Design - 1 seat. (For Dental System Premium only)
Implant studiog%c3%a4%c3%b3   design temporaries and abutments before implant surgery
3Shape’s Implant Studio™ brings together implant planning, prosthetics and design of surgical guides for local manufacturing.
Model builder articulator
Model Builder (MB) allows your dental lab to design a virtual model from an intra-oral scan submitted by your Dentist.
Ortho appliance designer
CAD program for the modeling of orthodontic appliances (including design STL output).
Removable partial design
CAD software for designing removable partial dentures.
Software for Orthodontic Case Analysis
3shape model   scanit ortho
3Shape ScanIt Orthodontics
Occlusion transfer plate
Interface Plate for Occlusion Setup Tool
Adapter plate adesso artex 1
Adesso Artex Transfer Plate
3Shape Articulator for Digital Lab Models